DMIB : Dildo Made In Belgium

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DMIB : Dildo Made In Belgium

Your online shop for handmade sextoys, dildo and plug

We have had some issues (logo, contact, impossibility to pay by paypal, ....) following a change of our IT system .... the problems will be solved now.

We apologize for these problems

If you have any problem with your order / request, please send us an email via the contact page and we will make your order by e-mail.


We build sextoys following your desires.

They are made of wood by hand, finely sanded and varnished or silicone

Visit our catalog we have over 200 models available.

We can also sell 3D-files so that you can print yourself your sextoys thanks to your 3D printer.

For Belgian residents, transport Kiala is only 2 euro and will be free for two sextoys (please contact us before ordering).

We can offer discounts for ordering multiple items, please contact us before ordering.

If you have ideas for special form or inspirations, send me a email.